Why choose bespoke over stock photography?

When designing a website or brochure, many companies go straight to stock photography companies for their photographs, because they believe it is cheaper and less trouble than hiring a photographer. 

In fact, stock photography is a lot more expensive. Here is an example of the bespoke -v- stock photography cost saving. We recently visited a company and spent 1.5 hours taking a series of candid shots around the office. They are an IT support company, so they wanted their web visitors to see their staff helping customers. Altogether, they received about 100 photos. Below are what I consider to be 12 of the best. 12 photographs from a stock company would cost you around £300. A 1.5 hour visit from us would cost you £150. You are already saving money, with photos to spare.

In addition to the cost saving, and probably more importantly, there is huge added value to having images of your own staff, in your own office, on your website or in your brochures. It adds a personal touch, and gets rid of the generic feel which stock photos have. Pictures of laughing models posing in front of flip charts just aren't the real world, and your customers know it. 

Companies quite often book us for a package, for 2 to 3 hours. In that time we can take some candid photos like the ones below, and photograph quite a few staff head shots, all in one visit. Edited, sharpened and ready for print or web, usually delivered to you within 24 hours. 

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The Roundhouse

I was recently booked to document an evening as it unfolded at the Roundhouse in Camden, including backstage, as well as front of house shots. Bands included some well known acts, including Dark Bells, Teleman, East India Youth and NZCA/Lines. 

The Roundhouse in Camden, London dates back to 1847, and was originally built as a railway engine shed, with a large turntable in the middle. After a fall into disrepair, it then went through various incarnations, and ended up as a live entertainment venue. The upstairs is a large concert area, and downstairs houses an exhibition space and, studios, TV production and radio facilities and small theatre. 

It's an impressive-looking building. The ceiling looks like the mothership from a Sci-Fi movie.

Business Portrait in Central London

Great shoot with Emma the other day. Emma wanted a good quality photo for her website/LinkedIn profile. Seeing as we had an hour, I arranged to meet her close to the Tate Modern - a great place for different locations. If I am working with a sole client, I try to give them as many setups as time allows, so that they get maximum value for money. 

In the end, Emma received about 35 great photos to use however she wanted, copyright free. 

Corporate Headshot Photography

I had the pleasure of doing some corporate portrait work with Goldladder / Doherty Associates recently. The brief was to develop a photographic style which could be tied in with their new website, which is currently under development. In a 2 hour session at their office, I photographed the senior management team on two different backgrounds. The first was in an office environment, and the second shoot was a series of lit portraits, on a white background. This covered all bases, and also ensured that any new starters with the company could be photographed with ease, and with the same photographic style as the others.

Turnaround time was pretty quick on this job (as is usually the case)! All proofs were approved and full size photos forwarded within 24 hours. 

All in all a good shoot with a great bunch of people!