Why choose bespoke over stock photography?

When designing a website or brochure, many companies go straight to stock photography companies for their photographs, because they believe it is cheaper and less trouble than hiring a photographer. 

In fact, stock photography is a lot more expensive. Here is an example of the bespoke -v- stock photography cost saving. We recently visited a company and spent 1.5 hours taking a series of candid shots around the office. They are an IT support company, so they wanted their web visitors to see their staff helping customers. Altogether, they received about 100 photos. Below are what I consider to be 12 of the best. 12 photographs from a stock company would cost you around £300. A 1.5 hour visit from us would cost you £150. You are already saving money, with photos to spare.

In addition to the cost saving, and probably more importantly, there is huge added value to having images of your own staff, in your own office, on your website or in your brochures. It adds a personal touch, and gets rid of the generic feel which stock photos have. Pictures of laughing models posing in front of flip charts just aren't the real world, and your customers know it. 

Companies quite often book us for a package, for 2 to 3 hours. In that time we can take some candid photos like the ones below, and photograph quite a few staff head shots, all in one visit. Edited, sharpened and ready for print or web, usually delivered to you within 24 hours. 

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